Student Leadership Conference now set for Friday Feb. 22

Students have the opportunity to worship together and learn together on the beautiful campus of Camp Berea in Hebron NH.

Nate will have the students consider:

Cost for this amazing day is $20 per person (student or teacher) this gets you:Amazing Lunch, Amazing Fellowship, Amazing Speaker, Amazing Location

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Leadership with Nate Parks

Feb. 8 Educator Conference

Dr. Ellen Lowrie Black will lead our Feb. 8 2019 Educator Conference to help us be "Better in the Classroom." Ellen will lead us further on our journey of understanding how training up Generation Z with a growth mindset will prepare them to be leaders in our present culture.

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Learning with Dr. Ellen Lowrie Black

Feb. 7 Awards Banquet

Each year the GSCSA recognizes the hard work and dedication of those supporting Christian Schools in our region.

This year our guest speaker will be Dr. Ellen Lowrie Black who will share about Christian Education and Generation Z.

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Award Winners
2018 Award Recipients - Adam Barton, Mark Pomeroy, Mark Giles, Chris Urban, Roy Mickelson, Jessie Huffman

Nov. 22 Student Conference


  • 9:30 - Arrival
  • 10:00 - Welcome / Worship
  • 10:30 - Session 1
  • 11:10 - Break
  • 11:20 - Session 2
  • 12:00 - Lunch and Recreation
  • 1:15 - Small groups
  • 1:50 - Session 3
  • 2:30 - Departure
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    Feb. 8 Educator Conference

    The event this year will be at Concord Christian Academy, where Dr. Black will speak on:

    • Growth Mindset: Understanding How our Thinking Impacts Learning
    • Growth Mindset: Implications for our Classrooms
    • Growth Mindset: Building Grit and Resilience into our Students

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    Feb. 7 Awards Banquet

    6:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Concord NH

    This event recognizes the hard work of people who work for and support Christian Schooling. We will get an update on GSCSA from board president Jeff Philbrick and hear from Dr. Ellen Lowrie Black.

    The banquet will feature your choice of salmon, chicken marsala or steak tips.

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    Award Details

    Alan Graustein Award

    This award recognizes a seasoned veteran Christian educator, who has established a legacy of significant contribution to Christian schooling.

    Leadership Award

    This award will recognize a board member, pastor, or community member who has provided exceptional service to the cause of Christian education leadership.

    Comenius Award

    The Comenius award recognizes an educator for significant service to the advancement of Christian pedagogy.

    Barnabus Award

    This award recognizes exceptional support and encouragement given in the cause of Christian schooling.

    Timothy Award

    This award recognizes a Christian educator near the early stage of his or her career, who has already demonstrated excellence in advancing Christian schooling.

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